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IN THE DARK (怨鬼) the Movie. Here’s looking at you, director YEO JOON HAN!


Film Director YEO JOON HAN


The “SURE-to-SCARE-the-SHIT out of You” movie tells you ANYTHING can HAPPEN in the DARK.

(Please note that this article is written as a literary tribute to director YEO JOON HAN).

I have met and worked with countless regional award-winning actors and movie directors during my decade long exposure within the film and entertainment industry.

Many of them are a boon-and-a boost. Of course, there are the usual creepy thorns, the trouble-makers.

Kaya is eaten best on toast, right?

But there’s one thing I’ll devoutly honor and respect: originality in storytelling (supreme) and post production (extremely important) and acknowledging the hard-working team who shared and helped with the project from on-start to the finished product.

Sadly, this is not the always the case.

It is gratifying to note the humility in a director on how he tackles his success or failure.

Because it is “REEL” stupid to think every film by an award-winning director can be a blockbuster. But nothing is impossible.

During my decade long working experience in the film industry, I came to know many top regional actors and directors (I am now in the mid of writing a book on the exceptionally nice , not forgetting the defatigable assholes in this industry).

I have seen talented people who soared high overnight, only to fall from grace by a mindless act of arrogance.

Truth always prevails. Memories are short and raw talents come knocking everyday and you can be easily forgotten. You are as good as your last song.

At the present moment, there are two film directors whom I’d love to collaborate with.


But it is THEAN JEEN’s English Television dramas, notably CODE OF LAW that catches my attention of which I stay hooked, raw garnishing and all.

As for YEO JOON HAN, his funny musical SELLOUT! a couple of years ago  was fantastic, and I can always  “feel” from the words he used on the written subject.

He exemplifies his creative input to a hilt.

Directorial treatment is of utmost importance.

By sheer coincidence both are Malaysians, so you see my point. Good wine needs no bush as indicated by the cash cow “THE JOURNEY” directed by Malaysian CHIU KENG GUAN which amassed RM 16 million at the box office.

There is little point in bragging, day in and day out, over and over again in all media.

Anyone can get tired of repetions. Right?

Back to my Article on YEO JOON HAN whose horror film called IN THE DARK is up in the cinema at this point of time.

From the scary trailer, you can judge that it is good. Once you have watched the movie, you form your own judgement.

Or wait for my REVIEW next week as I am now away.


THIS is what Director YEO says in his own words:

“IN THE DARK” was originally meant to be a typical commercial horror movie.

But I wasn’t interested in stringing clichés together and passing the thing off as a movie.

I’ve always felt that if there’s nothing new about a project, it’s not worth doing.

But all that thinking about ghosts led to a very interesting question:

what if the ghost that’s haunting us is someone we loved dearly when s/he was alive? Would we be afraid of him/her/it?

If the answer is yes, then it begs the next question: why? These questions provided an in-point to writing a ghost story that I would actually be interested in.

Because it would be a ghost story about something I, and many people, I believe, care about:

why we love a person and can love last beyond the grave? And this is the crux of “IN THE DARK”.


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