Posted by: koolcampus | March 24, 2015

SEASON COMES, SEASON GOES. Time and Tide will not wait for anyone.

Seasons come, seasons go,

Falling in and out of love,

Like a roller coaster zooming pass doors,

Opening them to take a quick peek,

And then shutting them in a jiff to continue the journey –

So reach out and treasure those around  you.

They may be here today, gone tomorrow.

We often take loved ones for granted.

Until one fine day they are  no longer there to root for us,

Yet when they were around,

We did not even bat them a second glance

Didn’t we?

Until it’s too late.

Loved ones guide us in certain aspect of our lives,

Their love and encouragement will touch us and survive the passage of time,

I just know that once in a long while, I’d take a trudge  down memory lane

and relive deeds and misdeeds of the past,

It’s unearthly gratifying to indulge in memories of days gone by,

Happy days, sad days,

To come to grips on how our lives have taken us,

on what we were then

of how we are now.

If only we could turn the clock backwards,

If  only we have the chance to do it all over again,





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