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” WOMEN WHO FLIRT – 撒娇女人最好命 ” 2014 Movie Review. (Hong Kong/China). An Entertaining Farce about silly, Weak-minded Women.


SUMMARY: “An exuberantly FUNNY and achingly TENDER Comedy about troubled women with their assortment of complicated paramours.” If you are looking strictly for laughs, seek no further. The merry-go-round begins here!


 ” Ouch … I have snared this one! This dumb GUY is now 24/7 at my BECK and CALL.”


 “HONEY ….YOU DON’T JUST TRUST ANY MAN (he whispers hissingly)….”


 GOSSIP ….. SCANDAL ….. Whatever …..


 “This is HOW a loving couple should do, to have their SELFIE taken.

(Note that the boyfriend is looking the other way.)


 The 3rd party is a better liar and even more alluring ….


“KEEP your dirty hands off my BOY FRIEND, you horny bitch!”

” WOMEN WHO FLIRT – 撒娇女人最好命 ” Movie Review

In “Women who Flirt”, it is obvious that director Pang Ho-Cheung goes for the jugular. What gives?

There’s hardly any noteworthy Hong Kong artiste in sight. So it’s a refreshing change of scenario.

Hong Kong-based director Pang has his reasons to cater for his mainland China investors and fans.

It’s all about money ….. and money makes the world go round. Right?

Pang’s genre of films sells, with its hypocritical tongue-in-cheek art sense about life, family and love.

 Director Pang gooses it up this time around with a bevy of pretty maids from mainland China (we nickname this the Barbie squad), plus an extra topping of one sweet Taiwanese doll who goes by the jolly name of Sonia Sui.

Midway through the movie, you get the drift that this romantic comedy shows total disregard for its primary target audience of women, depicting them as desperadoes who snare men via manipulative means. 

Essentially, the story is about tomboy Zhang Hui (Zhou Xun) who “is carrying a torch” for her career-driven friend Xiao Gong (Huang Xiao Ming) since college days.

Though he is satisfied with his singlehood status with occasional bouts of one-night-stands, Xiao Gong is willingly seduced by a Taiwanese seductress Beibei (Sonia Sui) during a business trip. Complications arise.

To win her man back, Zhang Hui enlists the help of  her comrades from the “Barbie army”.


We start with this guy “Marco” Gong Xiao (Huang Xiaoming), a handsome Shanghainess hunk who works with long-time friend “Angie” Zhang Hui (Zhou Xun).

She has a mad crush on him since college days, but never shows, because the guy does not want to commit just yet, until he gets a great salaried job so that he can provide for his aging father.

That notion changes when he comes back from a trip to Taiwan with Hailey (Sonia Sui), a pretty young thing who seems to flirt her way into Marco’s life unexpectedly.

Fortunately for her, her best friend May from the “Barbie squad” (Xie Yilin) and friends are around to help.

Zhou Xun plays the demure Zhang Hui, a girl with a “forever” crush on her classmate Xiao Gong played by Huang Xiaoming.

She’s a moaning loser who never gives up, specially when she espies that there is still a teeny bit of chance to compete in this love charade.

After graduation, she finds work in Shanghai to stay close to Xiao Gong.

Things start to go haywire when he returns from an overseas trip to Taiwan with a new sexy girlfriend, Bei Bei. (Sonia Sui).

Zhang Hui out of desperation seeks help from the “Barbie squad” to acquire the art of flirting to get Xiao Gong.

Will she succeed? “

Women who flirt has a charming script that brings you the fresh comic air.

It is a soaring big-hearted delight.

Don’t miss this movie, if you want to dispense with your after-work blues.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Local Distributor: GSC MOVIES.




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