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“HORNS” (2014) MOVIE REVIEW. Gloom and Doom throughout, in this blood curdling Sordid Tale.









For a start, weirdo actor Shia LaBeouf passed on the lead role, so what gives? The part went to Daniel Radcliffe as second choice, but could he render a better job?

“HORNS” is positioned as a scorching thriller directed by French helmsman Alexandre Aja. The film Director drums up an irresistible theme which is at best, mind-boggling, creating a generous creative budget for elaborate post production enhancements to achieve the super-natural effects.

For storyline he weaves a tale of revenge, an intriguing twist at the ending. The 2010 novel was written by Joe Hill.

Alexandre Aja is a French film director who specializes in the horror genre. He rose to international stardom for his 2003 horror film Haute Tension.

His directorial efforts include a fine line-up of horror films under his belt, such as The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, Piranha 3D and Horns.

“HORNS” combines a spread of horror, a sprinkle of dark comedy and a generous dose of supernatural visual effects.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Ig Perrish, a doleful blue-eyed young man who’s awaken from a stupor to find that he has been accused of the rape and murder of his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple) in the woods. Did he actually kill her?

He suddenly finds horns sprouting out of his head which may hold a clue to his sudden diabolic nature. Has he been possessed by evil spirits?  From then on, morbid and violent contractions start gnawling at his sanity.

The film shows Radcliffe, at his post-Harry Potter period, a chance to exercise his acting chops.

He commands a solid screen presence in the film.

It’s a difficult role that calls for him to switch his psyche from an assortment of personalities as the distraught lover to pantomime clown, from a hardboiled investigator to being a ruthless killer.


Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns is a supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery and romance.

The former Harry Potter is transformed into an ugly two-horn devil, literally, in “Horns,” a horror movie with a comedic edge. He has two curling protuberances sprouting from his forehead. He also has some supernatural powers, including having people spontaneously confess their vices.

Daniel Radcliffe, whose impish features are well-suited to the addition of gnarly goatish growths, stars as Ignatius Perrish, a young disc jockey grieving over the murder of his one true love, Merrin (Juno Temple), whose brutalized body was discovered beneath the couple’s childhood tree house in the lush Old Growth forest.

No spoilers here as you need to visit the cinema to get your answers.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5

Local Distributor: TGV PICTURES

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