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“BLACK AND WHITE – The Dawn Of Justice (2014) 痞子英雄 黎明再起 ” Press Review. A Fun, Frolicking, Explosive Police Dramedy.

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“BLACK AND WHITE – The Dawn Of Justice (2014) 痞子英雄:黎明再起


These pretty boys can really bitch and clamor. Their antics and expostulations, which are spread throughout the entire movie, can wear you down at times.

Can all these be part of a package for a lover’s spat?

It seems like it. Unlike poles attract.

BLACK AND WHITE: THE DAWN OF JUSTICE  expounds the story of how the characteristic duo Wu Ying Xiong (acted by Mark Chao) and Chen Zhen (acted by Lin Gengxin) laid aside their egos to cooperate. They were commanded by the higher-up authorities to save the city from further mass destructions.

A succession of bomb explosions has just taken place heightening citizens’ terror and unrest.

Naturally these two anti-heroes have to discard  their “I-am-BETTER-than-you” personalities to fight terrorism. Together.

Ying-xiong, has been revered as a hero in the Harbor City before, ever since he outwitted terrorists on a Boeing airplane.

Unfortunately his conquest is short-lived.

Panic spreads over the whole city as more bomb explosions occur and this is just the start of a close-knitted conspiracy.

The  impulsive WU now pairs with the arrogant CHEN to track down the mastermind behind the bombing incidents. During the investigations, they further uncover clues that lead to a freeway kidnapping case.

Worst of all, they are shocked to find that the next suicide bomber is XU Da-fu, a criminal who had aided WU with the airplane crisis.  More complications follow.

WU and CHEN will soon discover that the bombings are just the prelude to a massive destruction.

Stolen military missiles are now aimed at the Harbor City.

Additionally a deadly virus is about to break out, which is so highly contagious that it can devour the whole world within 14 days.

All the mayhem is planned by the Nightwalkers—a secret assassination squad who once-upon-a-time served high ranking government officials.

Facing this unprecedented crisis, it is a race against time to reverse the life-and-death situation.


This last installment of the police action series has total sum of SGD 3 Million budget for 3D post explosions and is therefore more spectacular in scope, with visual effects collaborations from Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

Regional actors are given cameo roles such as CHRISTOPHER LEE from Singapore and SHIOU JIE-KAI from Taiwan.

The movie opens with a dramatic car chase and several explosions that sabotage all of the roadways leading in and out of the city.

Collapsed buildings, airplanes and trains crashing on to city streets, a rocket attack and a biological weapon keeps the movie going at a frenetic pace.

The demented mastermind behind these events believes that only total destruction of the earth will bring with it a rebirth.

The apocalyptic mood, however, hangs in the balance and the plot could have been better layered with a tighter script.

Directed by TSAI YUEH-HSUN, the film is a fun, frolicking, explosive police dramedy.

RATING: 3 out of 5


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