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” The Four III – 四大名捕 III ” (2014) Movie Review. A Deft Touch of the Gu Lung mysticism.

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 ” The Four III – 四大名捕 III ” (2014) Movie Review.

You haven’t the faintest idea who GU LONG is? Well, that’s bad.

Avid followers of the Martial Arts or Wu Xia kingdom would surely know.

GU LONG is the glorious kingpin who kicked off the WU XIA craze way back in the 70s, his numerous scripts were bought and made into box-office blockbusters under the SHAW BROTHERS banner.

I was one of his myriad of fans. His stories have never fail to mesmerize me.

 ” The Four  – 四大名捕” feature film trilogy is significantly “Gu-longish” in nature. You can feel his raw touch of zen and mysticism here and there. You have to watch  to believe.

This Review focuses on SEQUEL THREE (finale, the showdown), where there are more thrills, spins, dazzling fireworks and stupendous effects. It’s overwhelming!

This two-hour long Wuxia feature follows the exploits of the Four constables once again. The Constables are Emotionless, Iron Hands, Life Snatcher and Cold Blood.

They have pledged their martial arts skills to their leader, Master Zhuge, to solve heinous crimes and apprehend lawless criminals.

The movie is set during the reign of Emperor Huizong, during the period of the Northern Song Dynasty.

The author of this fascinating trilogy is Malaysian’s writer Woon Swee Oan.


 四大名捕 3 (2014)

The previous sequel promises a cliffhanger, so here you are, the grand finale has arrived for the melt-down.

“THE FOUR 3″ again, is everything what an intriguing thriller should be, for die-hard fans of WU XIA whodunits.

The mood-and-tone of “THE FOUR 3″ highlights a mixed bag of Asian sleuthing along the fine line of the fictional GU LONG with his imaginary stable of fantasy heroes.

The four constables are established with strange names, such as: Emotionless (Crystal Liu Yifei), Iron Hands (Collin Chou) Life Snatcher (Ronald Cheng) and ColdBlood (Deng Chao).

Each is trained in his own school of super power.

When the four constables of the Divine Constabulary investigate a series of assassinations in the suburbs, they unexpectedly stumble on clues leading to the murder of Emotionless’s family 15 years ago.

While covering the case, these constables stumble upon facts about their own hideous pasts and secrets they want hidden.

Because by delving deep, they would have to choose between past grudges affecting their new lives at the Divine Constabulary.

An endless stream of bloody butchery confronts them as the story unfolds.

And even if they are able to survive this storm, you bet, there will be another looming over the horizon.

 The Four will come to fight it out with An Yun Shan, a villainous kung fu master who can easily absorb the power of enemies he defeats. 

The film is an implosive wuxia drama and the Final Chapter that explores the merciless kill-or-be-killed world of the wuxia world.

“THE FOUR 2″ is a high energy thriller by director Gordon Chan that delivers from start to finish.

Aside the splendid cinematography and glorious CGI effects, this is one  swordplay plot that keeps you guessing right to the end, as to who really, is the mysterious mastermind.

The movie script is meticulously plotted.

Gordon Chan has produced an ancient masterpiece that grips you from start to finish.


RATING: 4 out of 5

Local Distributor: GSC MOVIES





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