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“TEENAGE MUTANTS NINJA TURTLES” (2014) Movie Review. It’s a Fun, Silly, Awesome Joyride all the way!














 So those naughty pizza-loving turtles are back, in full throttle. Depending on your age, you can excuse yourself by saying that you grew up watching the amazing turtles, after which you head for a meal at PIZZA HUT’s. Plus a helping of ORANGE CRUSH of course.

Producer MICHAEL BAY knows a trick or two about making promotional bucks from his TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION experience. He practically snared the entire China Market full of eager followers.

Now, these pizza chomping creatures are going to rake in millions of dollars in  advertising dollars, courtesy of the film’s official PIZZA partner who will heap huge amounts to cash in.

Pause, and you will conclude three feature films in the Teenage Mutant Turtles trilogy. Which one is better?

This 2014 version is the third in tow, and it comes with a surprise explosion of the CGI splendor. The Director is JONATHAN LIEBESMAN.

For the turtles, their last big screen romp was seven years ago. Now, let’s move on with the encapsulated plot:

Movie opens on New York City. It is the home and cover-up for the misdeeds of the Foot Clan’s.

Beguiling Megan Fox takes on the role of April O’Neil, a naive reporter eager to prove her worth in salt to her bosses.

Out on solitary trip to uncover a scoop about the Foot Clan, she accidentally witnesses  a vicious attack by Foot soldiers against four shadowy figures. The four turn out to be our titular heroes, the Ninja Turtles. And how does this come about?

These creatures were once upon a time April’s teeny pets. They were part of a growing experiment conducted by April’s scientist father, alongside industry’s mogul Eric Sachs (William Fichtner). During a mysterious fire that cost her father his life, the young April set free the four turtles and a rat into the sewers. As the years roll on, the escapees grow into bipedal mutant creatures who observe the strict rules of the ninja.

The villain Sachs who has pledged to support the NYPD in their battle against the Foot Clan is thrilled to learn that the turtles are still alive for his own benefit. The reality is that the turtles’ blood contain a mutagen that every scientist is craving for.

You hear noisy battle cries of the good fighting the bad guys, destroying urban peace and scaring the hoot and holler out of the New Yorkers.

One remarkable scene is when the top of a high-rise building topples over with our heroes grappling on for dear life. 

Another major scene — a chase involving an 18-wheeler skids down a steep, snowy mountain as the turtles go sledding on their shells, choreographed in a complex, albeit heart-stomping way.

Finally, you’ll have to reckon with the scrumptious Pizza Hut pizzas and Orange Crush the turtles relish in the sewers — because the film will stop in its tracks to provide commercials for these products. More …..


So do I enjoy this Movie?

Very much so.

It is a fun, silly, awesome, rollicking joy ride all the way!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Local Distributor: UIP MALAYSIA



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