Posted by: koolcampus | June 24, 2013

“WORLD WAR Z” MOVIE REVIEW. Watch how reluctant hero BRAD PITT tramples upon an ALIEN war.











“WORLD WAR Z” stars BRAD PITT as an United Nations genius battling to save mother Earth from extinction by a zombie apocalypse. It is a mad race against time to prevent the inexplicable spread of a deadly virus which threatens to wipe out the planet.

The ominous presence of BRAD PITT saves the movie from falling apart; and from being relegated to just another regular zombie flick.

BRAD is the reluctant action hero, more so since he’s a happily married family man. He brings the right amount of charisma that is required of him to stay cool in the face of this global walking-dead epidemic.

“WORLD WORLD Z” spills with thrills from the start, and promises non-stop action cum mayhem.

You’d better believe it.

To kick off, there is this huge traffic jam in Philadelphia. Crazy people suddenly start to abandon their cars, snarling ferociously for no apparent reason, as if they are embroiled in some nightmarish trance.

In another scene, a long chain of the undead scale a gigantic wall that was built to protect Israel, falling over one another like ants onto the unsuspecting civilians below.

Take this horrifying incident from a plane. A man emerges from the plane’s rear bathroom and starts chomping on unsuspecting victims, the dreaded disease propagating like wildfire, finding its way toward first-class in a matter of seconds.

The excitement mounts. It actually gets hotter all the time.

But BRAD PITT’s character as Gerry Lane is dubious. He displays no particular talent.

We may never know why the top brass at the United Nations think so highly of Gerry. It is a wonder why he is called upon to solve the mystery, and to fight the zombies.

BRAD PITT is Gerry Lane as he jets around the globe trying to help the authorities find a way to halt the global zombie pandemic that has transformed the majority of the Earth’s major settlements into desolate wastelands.

Film director MARC FORSTER helms this movie.

Compelling. Entertaining. Powerful.

It’s worth a watch, chum.

Specially if you are a true BRAD PITT fan.


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