Posted by: koolcampus | February 10, 2012

“BEAUTY and the BEAST” (3D) Movie Review. A CINEMATIC TREASURE that still retains all of its OLD SCHOOL CHARM.

“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” Press Preview in 3D

It’s great to be in love, right?

Love stories should always have blissful fairy tale endings.

We miff, sniff and smile whenever we cheer the hero and his lady as they are locked in a heart-wrenching embrace at the closure of a feature film.

Yeah, the whole world would always welcome lovers.

Notwithstanding happily-ever-after endings.

“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” was a commercial and critical 1991 hit nominated then for a Best Picture Oscar, and remains one of the most memorable love animation film ever produced.

It is now re-set to grace the giant screen again, in the splendor of the magnificent 3D realm, without losing any of the original magic.

For the baby boomer, it is a must-trudge down memory lane.

For the family and the young lovers, this is wholesome entertainment showcasing on how love, in the right dosage, can melt hearts and change anybody’s perspective about life.

The film focuses on an arrogant prince who has been transformed into a Beast.

He imprisons a young beautiful woman named Belle in his castle.

To restore himself as a prince again, the Beast must fall in love with Belle and win her affection in return.

Or he will remain a Beast forever.

Sharing all the brilliance is a heart-stomping soundtrack with showstopping musical production numbers.

The simple story, the cutesy characters and the lovely songs will blow you all the way to the moon.

You will relish in the timeless pleasures of traditional Disney storytelling.

Step right in this second time around, in 3D and be mesmerized by the characters “floating” towards you whilst you are transported into the magical world of Disney’s.

BEHOLD, vintage wine mellows well.

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