Posted by: koolcampus | September 6, 2009

A SPONTANEOUS BURST can sometimes do WONDERS. Here’s JULIE ANDREWS teaching you HOW to take LIFE AS IT COMES.


LIFE ….  (sigh)  ….. is LIFE.

Into our mundane existence, some rain must fall, right?

We are not talking about the April showers, but the darn thunderstorms as well,

Oh yeah, when it pours, it surely POURS!

It’s a stark reality that LIFE CAN BE  PEACEFUL one moment.

And so terrifying the next,

Specially these days when we are all trudging on this thin ice of an economic gloom through no real fault of ours.

And adorning that wry smile when you are just feeling utterly wretched and fearful.

In the business world, entrepreneurs are constantly besieged by enormous humbling bank failures and violent stock market swings.

If you are doing business, this is the name of the game.

STRESS is  a drudgery, yet unavoidable.

It’s a part of life, part of living, where the rollercoasting wheel of fortune goes up and down, taking us through the uplifts as well as the gloom.

Day in, day out, this corner, round the bend, you’ll run into traffic jams, public disputes, people mayhem ….

Capital stress!

It’s little wonder that the number of suicide cases are on the rise.

Even celebrities are killing themselves, notably in Korea recently.


When success eludes a CELEBRITY and once the adulation evaporates,

The pressure will start to creep in –

When fans and producers turn their backs,

You’re all so-ALONE …. and despair overwhelms YOU,

It’s like you are thrust to one dead end and find that there’s no escape route.


But hey, there’s salvation if we fortify our minds,

Do something good out of the ordinary.

Be a “cheer leader”, spread cheer and good tidings,

SMILE and the world world beams,

DANCE and the whole team rocks,

A spontaneous burst can sometimes works wonders.

Take this episode for example:

More than 200 dancers were deliberately performing their version of “Do Re Mi” in the Central Station of Antwerp on March 23, 2009 8 am, morning.

It was a promotional stunt for a Belgian television program, where they were sourcing for actors in “The Sound of Music”.

Passers-by, attracted by the familiar JULIE ANDREWS’ “Do Re Mi” song , were not aware of what was happening just burst into song and danced to the rhythm of the music.

Everything was impromptu.

The air was suddenly filled with wonderment and laughter.

People promptly forgot their worries and gyrated to the beat.

They were having the fun of their lives,

There was harmony, there was rhythm during those moments,

Beat it, yeah, beat it!

So remember:

Spread a little sunshine day by day,

A spontaneous burst of laughter from time to time will work wonders with us, the people around us and the environment,

It’s good for your soul,

Cheer is infectious,

It is contagious to those around you,

So run,

Pass the baton,

Kindle joy,

Spread a little happiness,

Didn’t the late Michael Jackson sing “HEAL THE WORLD”?

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