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If you are into BEEF CAKES, then you shouldn’t be reading this.

This one is specially for lovers of cheese cakes ….(smile, say CHEESE!)

NOW, when was the last time you really take a close peek at sweetie pie CHAIWAT THONGSAENG?

He was at his “yummiest” best in his role as an insipid lovelorn police hunk in BANGKOK LOVE STORY.

That movie had put him up on the pedestal as a celebrated hunk and an unexpected gay icon.

But alas, apart from being manipulated by the media and being exploited with endless rounds of sexy fashion spreads that pay peanuts, the film offers aren’t exactly piling in.

Nor queuing up for CHAIWAT’s attention.

You may have heard otherwise.

Furthermore, he is an undergraduate at a local THAI university and needs to focus on his studies.

And that rules out the long, grinding hours as required of a soap opera.

But that’s the name of the game and the sad reality about show business.

You need a mentor and you lots of luck in tinseltown.

THAI FILMDOM is currently besieged by a craze for teenage love or horror dramas.

And CHAIWAT would not fit the bill  to play a gushing, gawky teenager.

CHAIWAT THONGSAENG is barely a couple of years older than his popular THAI arch-rivals MARIO MAURER and WITWISIT HIRANYAWONGKUL (of LOVE OF SIAM fame) but putting these three together, CHAIWAT would definitely not pass as a 20 year-old.

Of the three, it is MARIO MAURER who has bagged most of the lucrative media and advertising attention.

MARIO is the current teenage rage in Thailand gracing almost all the magazine covers and billboards and who is reaping tons of money from hefty product deals.  And he has a “just right” lean bod.

This fact is for sure.

CHAIWAT THONGSAENG’s latest craze is “pumping iron” relentlessly to achieve an ADONIS-like body, a la Mr. Universe.

And that’s enough to kill his pretty boy image.

Plus, apart from the buff, he added more years to his appearance.

And is spotting puffy cheeks too. So his face gets a little more rounded.

Men who are taller and bigger tend to look older than their real age.

It is about TOO MUCH BEEF.

Nope, it’s not about his gourmet passion for beef noodles or beef steaks.

It’s just that CHAIWAT is getting to be …hmmm… overly “beefy” in size.

With such mass, you’d have thought that he’s up for the role of an ASIAN INCREDIBLE HULK, if ever there is one.

CHAIWAT is a beef cake now.

He’s indeed the ‘food of the Gods’ and is smart enough to realize that his fans worship him by exploring his provenance and his myriad characteristics.

So Blueberry cheese cake or  Tom Yum beef cake?

Take your pick.

Rock on, CHAIWAT.

Your alternative career as a catwalk model is at stake.

You are going to be “too heavy” soon to be sashaying down the ramp.

Your footsteps will lose that spring, chic and elegance.

The real fashion brands may not have clothes ultra large to fit your kind of bulk.

You have yet to attain superstar status as an actor, but you have surely reached super size in stature.

We all know that staying ahead takes a creative perspective.

But stay cool and know when to stop buffing.

A well toned chiseled body can look better than a buffed up RAMBO.

That is, if you want to stay ahead as a supermodel or a sleek hero.

And you can still maintain your epitome of manhood.

But then, you may have set your career direction to be an action hero as of now.

Just give us that old CHAIWAT THONGSAENG back any time, the hunk we admired in BANGKOK LOVE STORY with that strong jawline.

It’s mind over matter, “the beauty within” – but BEST OF LUCK anyway.

You’ll probably need oodles of it in the months to come.


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