Posted by: koolcampus | April 30, 2008

SHE’s ATTRACTIVE, always APPEALING. SHE’s WONG LI-LIN. Actress, Author, Wife and Mother.


What’s the REAL art of carrying oneself outside of the limelight?

To act serious or demure?

Because in REEL life, when we laugh, the whole world laughs with us.

I have known WONG LI-LIN for more than 10 years.

And I have the utmost respect for her as a friend and actress.

I have watched her transformed from the sweet-girl-next-door in the 90s, to what she is now, an accomplished television and screen actress.

LI-LIN is indeed a big splash in the endless sea of entertainment.

Her perpetual lilt and enthusiasm are traits in her persona, channelled from showbiz to any business project she undertakes.

Her life and career have supplied her with many helpings of sincere, generous exuberance for which she is grateful.

Yet beneath her exterior, she is a confident, smart and caring friend, ever willing to speak her mind without pretensions as most artistes would.

This is the razor edged side of LI-LIN.

As a versatile actress, LI-LIN can take on any challenging role with aplomb, from a coquettish character to the sweet damsel.

Before show business beckoned, LI-LIN spent some good years learning ballet and dance in the UK and when she returned to Singapore, she immediately set up a dance studio.

As luck would have it, she was commissioned to teach dance to some of the hapless Media Corp Artistes, and was soon spotted by a talent producer who was interested in her acting rather than her dance.

LI-LIN‘s foray into soap operas include dramas like Master of the Seas, Triple 9 with hunk JAMES LYE and a slew of other notable but predictable made-in-Singapore drama serials in the years that followed.

She has recently enjoyed rave reviews for her acting in the 3 year-production overdued made-in-Singapore film LEAP OF LOVE with popular Thai actor ANANDA EVERINGHAM and Singapore hunk QI YU WU.

LEAP OF LOVE achieved a very successful run in Singapore, not long after LI-LIN wrapped up another German Telemovie called UNDER THE SIGN OF THE DRAGON.

LI-LIN is now happily married to screen hunk, actor and host ALLAN WU (of AMAZING RACE ASIA fame) and has 2 gorgeous children -daughter SAGE and son JONAS with him. She has also written and published a Children Activity Book called PERCEPTIVE PLAY.

She is now juggling the REAL role of celebrity wife, mother and actress.

And for her, martial bliss has never been sweeter.


  1. Allan adalah presenter yang cakep banget.. Aku suka allan dan aku suka the amazing race asia.. Adis from Indonesia

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