Posted by: koolcampus | April 21, 2008

CHAIWAT THONGSAENG. LIFE after Bangkok Love Story.

BANGKOK LOVE STORY was the movie that launched CHAIWAT THONGSAENG as this NEWCOMER-to-look-out-for.

It was his lucky break

and right opportunities don’t happen all the time.

But CHAIWAT’s second shot at stardom in a follow-up film by director POJ ARNON in HAUNTING ME or THAILAND GHOST STORY did not live up to critics’ expectations.

In this highly competitive albeit relentless world of film making, you need a resourceful manager, an established producer and a competent film director to get your acting career up and going.

You may be endowed with youthful good looks

and a chiseled body attained by vigorous hours of gym training,

but acting is more than just being a popular pretty pin-up boy.

So what’s in store for CHAIWAT THONGSAENG now?

To begin with, CHAIWAT is a modern day academic, a metrosexual with a positive zest for life and living.

Here’s his philosophy to deal with negative situations on days when things simply “go wrong” :


IF you find that you are struggling to achieve a desired result in any situation, it could be that you are trying to force the issue.

Instead, sit back and accept whatever happens.

That which is rightly yours will come back to you. Nothing takes place before its designated time.


NOTHING stays the same forever. True relaxation comes not from controlling life’s flow, but from allowing yourself to be carried along by the flow without fear of the future or nostalgia for the past.


THERE will always be opportunities in your life that you didn’t take, because you didn’t see them, because you were already committed, or because you valued something else more highly.

Rather than cursing yourself for missing these opportunities, remember that you made the best choices you could at the time.

Look ahead and follow your chosen path, seeking the doorways that are open to you and forgetting about those you have closed.

Barely 23 years of age and with a brain to match,

let’s say CHAIWAT THONGSAENG is set to go places as he has already charted his course.

In the months to come, we shall see his progress.

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