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The famous line-up above is pretty stark here. Top most (from left to right) are SHU QI, TANG WEI and VIVIAN HSU.

Right below, pretty-in-pink, is sultry PAI LING.

These are Asian beautiful women with immense sex appeal, whether you care to admit this or not.

They grace myriads of magazine covers and are also renowned screen actresses, with million of dollars stashed in their bank accounts for the advertising product endorsements they gave.

Paparazzi will camp outside their residences to get latest bits of information about their lifestyles and then “juice” it up to enhance magazine sales.

There you are, it pays to be famous despite your loss of so-called privacy, as fame comes alongside recognition and that fat dollar bottom line !

Which other job can bestow you with such enriching perks …… to be rich, successful and famous? Indeed, life is never fair.  Some people toil for donkey years to earn what these stars can fetch in a single day.

All the above actresses got their big breaks from Asian supposedly soft porns and they are smart enough to ride on “this calculated break”  as part of a strategic direction they set their minds on.

They are endowed with looks, bodies and and “brains to match”.

They are definitely nobody’s fools and sometimes in this filmsy world of show business, artistry “sacrifices” in choice of film roles and proper planning are key ingredients to a successful entertainment career.

CONNECTIONS are all that important and taking short cuts to garner media attention is better than than waiting for years for a plum role to land on one’s lap !

It is a clear cut fact why some artistes fail miserably in this endeavour. Even before fame really beckons, they are adopting “attitude” tantrums. Get real, falsies !

Learn from the veterans as you are a product of the media machine, whatever the media make you out to be. The media can either make or kill you.

Just take note that every other day, a new star is born and another competitor is already in the pipeline.

A square example is ZHANG ZI YI. She was the media’s overexposed darling until director ANG LI groomed new starlet TANG WEI for his latest film LUST CAUTION.

For any artiste, established or aspiring, it pays not to adopt the media offensive stance.

SHOW BUSINESS can be quite a sleazy business, and sometimes things that you may have read or been told may be a little too close for comfort. But not necessarily untrue.

Because as you know, there’s no business like show business.  Neither is there any fire without smoke.


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