Posted by: koolcampus | April 19, 2008

ACTORS with SEX APPEAL. For sure, ANYTHING you can do, I can do BETTER.

TOP 2 ROWS show CHAIWAT THONGSAENG, Thailand’s hottest male sex symbol in a series of sultry poses, after his successful stint in his home-run movie BANGKOK LOVE STORY.

BOTTOM 2 ROWS feature struggling and strapping Thai singer-cum-actor OAT SURACHAI.

ThESE DAYS, even men are at it,

giving the female gender a competitive run for their money.

JANE AUSTEN was the author of the much-read literature-novel SENSE and SENSIBILITY. To borrow a pun from her, we are now touching on the subject of SEX and SEXUALITY or the WAR of the GENDERS.

In this time and age, it is common for men to strive to oust the women in the game of sex appeal and body beautiful.

15 years ago, it was deemed “sissy-ish” for men to adorn make-up and go for facials, but how time changes everything !

For the men, competition takes the form of the popular man-versus-female song “Anything you can do, I can do better !”

Look at the male pageants all over Asia where men dare strut the catwork displaying their well oiled and toned bodies in skimpy bathing trunks to conceal their precious “jewels”.

If you ask them to sashay butt-naked, I am sure there will be many who will be more than willing to oblige for the price of fame and fortune.

As always, reality bites.

I know this once-upon-a-time Asian actor in the 90s whose make-up kit was bigger than those of his female colleagues, thereby making himself the prime target of some silly sexist jokes.

He did not even bat an eyelid then, but look at him now.

His popularity has sunk deep, and he is shunned by his peers and bosses for being a “wimp”. Worse still, he no longer takes an interest in his looks and has preened himself for the role of an “ageing uncle”.

Quite the opposite for someone as vain as this dude, who once lived for the purpose of stirring media attention.

Hey, TIME DOES NOT JUST STAND STILL.  We will all grow old someday, all of us. There’s no escaping fate.

Look at Asia’s best loved actors CHOW YUN FAT and TONY LEUNG.  In their hey days in the 80s they were both touted to be the ultimate Asian sex symbol in terms of looks and charisma.

Well, they are both going on strong in terms of successful careers as leading men. We dare say their looks have matured gracefully and we still hold them in the highest regard as our matinee idols.

So what price sex appeal?

The perfect body with looks to match plus a certain kind of charm. Oh yes, sex appeal cannot be cultivated.

Either you have it or you don’t.

It is au natural.

So YOU are the gorgeous hunk today. Good luck.  Tomorrow’s another day.

Treasure those around you – your family, friends and pets.

When your looks and body wane, they may not be there to root for you.

People come and go. Life goes on.

Maintain your courtesy.

Because arrogance and pretension in an artiste  can kill you one day, when you have slipped from your pinnacle.

And when your sunshine friends no longer take a vetted interest in you or your welfare.

So NURTURE YOUR BRAIN, because when you are in the passe stage, you can trust that this is one thing that’s not going to let you down.

Good luck to all aspiring artistes!

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