Posted by: koolcampus | January 15, 2008

BOSCO WONG Hong Kong TV Actor. GLOSSY Outside. GRITTY Inside.



He is HOT and oh-so-charming.

And he knows it darn well.

He is just too COOL.

With a name like BOSCO to start off with, you simply can’t go wrong.

BOSCO reeks more like a pet’s name?

” I just wanna be different,” he purrs like a cat.

BOSCO WONG is a pure case of  SUBSTANCE over FORM.

Affectionately known as WONG CHUNG CHAK in Cantonese, he is Hong Kong television’s hottest young star to date.

Industry insiders say that he could be a contender for the “next TONY LEUNG” of Hong Kong Cinema.

Time will tell.

Unpredictable, effervescent and charismatic are adjectives that best describe him.

BOSCO is always armed with a beaming smile and a friendly pat if he’s near you, which earns him the reputation of being an approachable artiste.

He has a sunny disposition to life.

Despite the highs and lows of every day’s living, he staunchly believes that if there is  one road, there can be so many ways to travel it.

Smile and the whole world smile with you!

In 1998, BOSCO was spotted in the street by a talent scout who recruited him for a television commercial playing opposite the infamous CECILIA CHEUNG of the EDISON CHEN scandal.

Thereafter, HK TVB, after witnessing the potential in him, auditioned and groomed him for an acting career.

From then on, the rest is history.

All this for this dude whose childhood dream was to to be an international CHEF specializing in Chinese cuisine.

He is a gifted actor, often touted for his outstanding performances in television family dramas, following the trend of his famous predecessor CHOW YUN FAT, also formerly from TVB.

“I am worth it,” he grins, “I give my “all” in each role that I play.”

He has no qualms about roughing up to lend credibility to whatever role he is playing, and hopefully bag an award or two.

He has an engaging chemistry with his on-screen girl friend MYOLIE WU, but off-screen he denies an attachment.

“MYOLIE and myself are pure colleagues,” he quips.

His secret wish?

“To have LISA WONG (TVB veteran actress) as my godmother.”

He’s not joking.

At 29, he has a long way to go to horn his craft, and BOSCO is in no hurry.

His fans would often say, Golly, BOSCO is really cute.

In reality, BOSCO is not devilishly handsome, but he has a jovial boy-next-door look with a playful grin.

Moving on up?

Yes, that is BOSCO’s ambition in this competitive world of acting.

His career is on the fast track and he is far from being an eye candy.

What would happen if Hollywood beckons in future?

“Right now, I am not saying anything. I am not even contemplating this idea as I would want to see Asian actors in roles that are NOT stereotyped.”

Eating humble pie?

If so, then this is one pretty boy’s spirit!

Roll on, BOSCO.

You are GLOSSY outside, and GRITTY inside.


  1. Love your article~ Informative with a flair =) And I am loving Bosco right now too.

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